We are a creative film production company based in the Netherlands. Our services comprise idea generation, script development, filming and editing. Our goal is to make film that convey the message. This is why we are very serious on applying storytelling concept in all our films.

Why choose us

Simple. Because we know that your story, your message should be seen, heard and understood by your public. Importantly, we know how to do that.

echoFrames has many price criterias. You can choose from budget video to cinema class film production.

Extended service

Though our company based in the Netherlands, we did many projects in Indonesia. So this is a plus, when you need someone, either to filming in Europe or in Indonesia; or if you just need some advice on film location in Indonesia, a land that has many unique and beautiful places for your projects.


We can help you to bring your message to your public. Our services cover: breeding idea; developing script; filming; editing; choosing the best media distribution; advising location in Indonesia.

Contact us for more details: please use our contact form.